Just Do It…Business Plan Writing

I ran into a networking contact the other day and he really wanted to write a business plan but was not motivated to do so. I felt it was important that he finish the plan in the near future but he was not very excited about doing it any time soon. Of course, he would say writing is not something he enjoys or comes natural to him and admittedly, he would be the first to admit he has been lazy and procrastinating far too long. He certainly is creative when it comes to video games and computer graphics, and he is certainly creative when verbalizing his ideas from his business perspective. I think he’s finally realized very little progress has been made over the last 6 months so it’s time to change his outlook. I suggested he look at this task differently — instead of looking at the drudgery or pain of writing his business plan, look at what he would gain by completing it. For example, let’s say it snows 10 inches and you’re responsible to shovel the sidewalk and driveway but you are not at all motivated. How can you get motivated? If you concentrate on exercising in the fresh air, having a nice clean driveway with your muscles humming when you’re done, this perspective might provide the necessary motivation to do what’s necessary to get to this point. Same idea with a business plan. How can you get motivated? By completing this plan, you’re one-step closer to your business goal. In addition, family, friends or contacts can provide feedback or support after they read your plan. If necessary, you can make any “tweaks” or corrections to bring this tangible plan closer to reality. Once you complete this plan, it will help convey to others how serious you are about your plan and how you are ready to move forward. Your new perspective about accomplishing your goal may require some discipline and committed thinking but is a way to keep you moving toward your ultimate goal.