Review of the Book: 101 WAYS TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS by Andrew Griffiths

I enjoyed reading this book 101 Ways to Market Your Business by Andrew Griffiths. It was a quick and enjoyable read and provides readers many ideas for starting a successful business or making your current business more successful.

The author helped outline the book around key questions regarding marketing your business. For example, in one chapter, the author challenges the reader to consider some unusual or wacky ideas. Some of these ideas have been discussed elsewhere but I am willing to at least consider what might be useful in my business life. Another chapters’ key question centers on thinking like a customer. I think it is important to be reminded about thinking like a customer. Do you offer free samples or free delivery? Does your waiting room help sell your services? On page 105, the author brings up another key question rests on promotional material. Start a newsletter or creating a business brochure or helpful for some business is an information booklet. In other words, your brochures and flyers are the first point of contact with prospective customers so you may be limited to how many chances you have to make it count.

This book should get business people and business owners thinking about how to grow their business and market it more effectively. Many of the ideas can be implemented quickly and affordably. This book could be used as reference material to ensure you are on the right course with your business marketing and business success. I found myself jumping around from section to section or idea to idea – looking for ideas and insights that I could apply in my own business life.

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