Review of Costco Warehouse Club (Positive)

Coupons available at customer service. If you forget your coupons at home, you may get another copy at that desk.

Really enjoy the price, selection and quality of their breads. You can always purchase excess loafs and freeze what you don’t refrigerate.

Pricing is important, do not get me wrong but quality is important too. I really like the quality of most of their items. Even if I am not saving as much, I know I’m getting good quality.

Their Kirkland brand is great. You can save money buying those items under the Kirkland brand. Not all items are under this brand, but when it is, it is a big money saver.

Our annual fee is $100 for the buying club. Some would shutter at having to pay that much for an annual fee but because we normally spend about $300 every 6-7 weeks and with a 2% rebate on total purchases, we normally receive a check that exceeds our annual fee. In addition, we try to get gas at Costco knowing that we are getting a 2% rebate and considering their gas prices are comparable to other local gas stations.

Their photo center works out well. For our Christmas picture, we uploaded it online on Friday and picked it up the next day. With the coupon, the price for 75 pictures was about $15.00 including a $5 coupon.

Very competent and helpful telephone customer service. I’ve had to call their customer service a number of times and experienced good customer service.

Their cheese, eggs, and milk are high quality and very inexpensive. As of 1/2/10, to be able to purchase 2 pounds of quality mild cheddar for $4.35 is a good deal. Regular grocery stores may sell one pound of cheddar for that price.

Happier employees. I know Costco pays their employess significantly more than some of the other big box retailers (about $19 per hour) and it shows. They appear happier (not always happy but generally happier) and their turnover rate appears to be less of an issue.

Their CEO, Jim Sinegal, is approachable and down to earth.

Online, their gift selection is great, especially for Christmas. For $30 to $40, you can purchase and ship a gift. It’s reasonably priced and very easy to do.

I love the fact that Costco has 50 million members and they don’t typically advertise. At one time, they did not have a marketing department although I don’t know it that’s still the case. A lot of their success can be attributed to “word of mouth” advertising and the Costco Connection Magazine.

Recently, Costco has developed a new coupon scanning system whereby you do not have to clip all coupons to save money on every coupon item. You just hand the checker one coupon and it automatically subtracts the total amount of all items associated with a coupon