Review of the Book: WHY SHE BUYS By Bridget Brennan

Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumers. By Bridget Brennan

Interesting book from the female perspective. Most males who do not always pay attention to what motivates a women from a marketing or business perspective and may benefit by reading Bridget’s book. Any company wanting to improve their customer service should take notes while they read this book. Here are a few interesting tidbits from the book:

Women believe it’s OK asking for help or directions (if they are lost) because it is an efficient way of getting things done! Men may not handle being lost the same way!

Women do the majority of kids taken to grocery stores and in some stores especially the older ones, bathrooms are in the back of the past, the loading dock and these restrooms are not always clean and secure! It’s common knowledge that clean restrooms are important to the majority of women and we also know the majority of kids that need to use the restroom in this type of store about brought there by their moms.

Men may be embarrassed at hardware store to ask for help as they may be sensitive about what they know and don’t know and do not want to look foolish in front of another man! It is a man thing! They do not feel comfortable appearing vulnerable to another man, especially in a male oriented store! However, women in the same store with their husband want an answer ASAP. But to avoid emasculating her husband, she has to be careful.

Women have more connections between two sides of their brain so multi-tasking might come easier for them. Men tend to activate one side of brain when processing so they are better at compartmentalizing data and addressing before moving on to the next task.

Women love stories with details whereas men like a direct story with a point and details may be less important!

Women connect with each other by sharing their feelings and revealing their vulnerabilities. Men connect by engaging in activities and hiding their vulnerabilities.