Healthy Living-Weight Loss Philosophy

  • Look at the weight loss plan from a long-term perspective. Do not give up even if you are not losing weight or the weight is not coming off quick enough.
  • Do not always measure success with actual weight loss. Rather, see if your clothes fit better or you have more energy which could be signaling success.
  • Smaller portions sizes may help. If necessary, use smaller bowls and plates and chew your food as much as possible.
  • Use mealtime as a social opportunity. This may help reduce you from overeating.
  • Do not feel like you need to clean your plate. You will not gain anything by being a lifetime member of the clean plate club. If you are satisfied after clearing 75% of your plate, push yourself away from the table.
  • Watch less TV. Even taking a slow walk around the block is more beneficial than TV. TV is always trying to sell you something so occasionally turn it off. I think TV promotes a sedentary lifestyle while pushing foods that are not always healthful.
  • Losing weight may eventually provide more energy to be even more active.
  • Eliminate restaurant food or reduce it significantly. You really do not know what ingredients they use or how your food is prepared. Portion sizes have gotten out of hand. Cutting down on restaurant food can also save on money and calories.
  • Understand that every day is another opportunity to commit to this healthy life-style change.
  • Look at what you gain rather than what you are giving up. Focus on the positive results of a more active and healthy you and what you will gain instead of the work necessary to get you to that place. Keep your eyes on the prize!
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