Healthy Living-Exercise Related

  • After age 40, I found exercise alone does not significantly help with weight loss.
  • Exercise or being active 5-6 times a week for 30 to 50 minutes along with healthy and moderate eating.
  • Try to integrate anaerobic with aerobic exercise. In other words, strength training with your cycling, running, brisk walking or hiking…
  • Take the stairs when you can. Try to add a little more activity to your regular day.
  • Park farther away from the store will burn more calories without much effort. It may also save you some aggravation always trying to find the perfect parking spot.
  • Some stretching after exercise if preferable if you only have time to stretch before or after, choose to do it after you’re done with exercise.
  • Allow exercise to be convenient and fun. Make it easy to run, walk, or move your body in some way.